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Louise, 47

“I've tried many therapies over the years and only when I did EMDR did things finally start to shift. It was such a powerful experience, I only worked on one memory and it seemed to mop up all of the other difficult memories and feelings at once. I felt like finally things started to fit together and I felt able to connect again. I can't describe it, I think you need to try it before you believe it."

Daniel, 34

“I was reluctant to try EMDR as I didn't know anyone else who had had it. I successfully processed my traumatic memory by my 8th session, but decided to carry on seeing Bethan as it just feels good to have some space in the week for me to just concentrate on me rather than chasing my tail thinking about work or kids. My quality of life has improve because now I have the headspace to plan and make things happen."

Sandra, 63

“I wasn't sure if EMDR would work for me as I didn't feel "traumatised", I just knew things weren't feeling as good as they could havv. I chose it because I didn't want to be in an open ended therapy for years. I was surprised how quickly things resolved themselves and that's a testament to Bethan's ability to make me feel at ease. She seemed to fully understand my difficulties and was very compassionate towards me which helped me to feel validated and safe enough to go through this process, knowing she was alongside me the whole way."
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